Alyson Malach: Director of Equality and Diversity UK

Alyson Malach. Director of Equality and DIversity UK
Alyson Malach is the Director Equality and Diversity UK

Alyson's background in teaching and management was gained in Further Education Colleges and Manchester LEA, where she held a number of senior management posts in Further Education Colleges in Preston, Liverpool and Bolton.

She has worked in the post-16 education sector since 1985, starting in the area of Special Educational Needs and developing her portfolio of work to include teacher education, work with disadvantaged groups, community cohesion and equality, diversity and inclusion.
Alyson worked for NIACE as a Research and Development Officer for Black and Minority Ethnic Groups for 4 years. She has conducted education and learning research nationally and internationally on post-16 education and race/equality issues.

Alyson is the author of a number of publications and articles on education and equality. Her most significant publication ‘Colour Blind’ was published by NIACE. Alyson worked with GERI (Gender Equality & Race Inclusion) on reviewing and updating their Complete Equality & Diversity Training Toolkit and other published resources on gender equality. As Director of Equality and Diversity UK Ltd, Alyson has developed and published a number of equality and diversity resources which have been available for sale since 2007. These resources have been redeveloped and updated after the Equality Act came into force in October 2010 and can be viewed at

Prior to setting up Equality and Diversity UK, Alyson was the Head of Lifelong Learning in Manchester, based in the Education Department and responsible for student grants, community learning, prison education, compulsory education and adult and community-based learning. A significant part of her role was to work closely with the police, social services, health services and voluntary and community organisations to address education and social issues in the communities of Manchester.

Current Activities

Alyson currently specialises in a range of HR Management, Education, Equality and Social Issues related training and consultancy, and works independently or in partnership with provider organisations. She continues to develop resources and publications that focus on educational issues, across all of the protected characteristics. She works across the public and private sector and has particular expertise in:

  • Race equality guidance and advice
  • Cultures and customs
  • Post-16 education and training
  • Disability/gender agendas
  • Adult and community learning
  • Sexual orientation
  • Equalities legislation
  • Religion and belief
  • Gender equality
  • Age agenda
  • Human resource management
  • Mentoring
  • Domestic violence
  • Disadvantaged communities
  • EDI in the Curriculum

Alyson was a valued member of the national LSC Equality and Diversity Committee from 2001 to its closure in 2010 and was a member of the Lancashire LSC Board, where she served for six years as their equality and diversity champion as well as providing them with consultancy and advice on equality issues.

Other work outside of education includes having been a member of the Manchester Advisory Committee where she was involved in the recruitment and selection of Magistrates to ensure that the Magistracy reflected the diverse population of Manchester. She is also on the Chair of the Board of Cartwheel Arts in Heywood and the deputy chair of Chesham primary School Governing Body

She is a mentor to a number of people working in the police, social work, education and arts fields and spends some of her time coaching black and minority ethnic staff who are aspiring to be managers. Alyson also works in the social care field, developing and delivering training programmes on equality and diversity for the foster care, adoption and foster home sectors.

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