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Black History Month 2017

Black History Month – an international annual month, celebrating, recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within the BME communities.

During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also who contribute to and help our society today.

First celebrated in the UK in 1987, Black History Month in the UK is marked annually during the month of October and in the USA during the month of February, with important reference to the black society.

Black History Month UK went from receiving a kind-hearted response to being a national celebration to BHM UK individuals, shaping history as it stands today.

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Black and minority ethnic people have lived in Britain for centuries - although their circumstances have varied greatly. Some have been enslaved and exploited, while others have enjoyed privilege and status. Let us know what you are doing for Black History month.


Black History Month Poetry Competition

We are running a poetry competition to explore attitudes and conditions BME people have encountered over the years and more recently. You may also want to write about:

  • The benefits of diversity
  • Benefits of living in diverse communities
  • Contributions of BME people to the UK over time

Whatever you decide to write about we would like you to encourage your learners/staff to write a poem for our Black History Month competition.

Black History Month Poetry Competition Rules.

Please read these rules thoroughly before entering the competition.

  • Poems may be in any style, of any length, on any subject related to Black history.
  • Sequences of differently-titled poems must be entered as separate poems. A poem that is structured in several parts may be entered as one poem.
  • Type each poem, single spaced, on A4 pages, single sided. If a poem is longer than one page, please number the pages. Type the title on the same sheet as the poem.
  • Your poems will be judged anonymously, so do not write your name on the same sheet as your poems. Use a separate cover page with your name, address, telephone number and email address, plus a list of the title/s of the poem/s you are submitting.
  • No alterations may be made to a poem once it has been submitted.
  • You may enter any number of poems, but may only win one prize. This is to allow the maximum number of entrants to receive recognition.
  • Your poems will not be returned, so do keep a copy
  • Closing date for entries is 30th September 2017

Winners will be contacted by email in October 2017 and winning poems will be published in the October 2017 issue of the Equality Review, our quarterly Newsletter.

Copyright of each poem remains with the author, but EDUK has the unrestricted right to publish the winning poems in its publications and on its website, plus unrestricted rights to use the winning poems and any related material for PR purposes.


  • Poems should be in English (or English dialect) and should not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Poems that have won or are under consideration in other poetry competitions are not eligible
  • Poems should not be a translation of another author’s work.


  1. 1st prize £60.00
  2. 2nd prize £30.00
  3. 3rd prize £15.00

To enter, please click here
Black History Month 2017 Poetry Competition