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Domestic Violence and Abuse

It matters. It is an issue for us all

29 November 2018: Manchester

Event Overview

  • This Domestic Violence and abuse conference helps people to understand what domestic violence and abuse is, how it may begin, who perpetrates abuse, and how to identify when it may be happening.
  • It will outline the impact that domestic abuse has on direct victims as well as the children
  • It will assist learners to understand how to respond appropriately to their concerns, including the children’s
  • The event is supported by the Freedom Programme
domestic abuse training event
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Aims of the event

  • To learn what domestic abuse is including its prevalence
  • To inform of the common effects and signs of abuse and what is best practice
  • To learn what the social and financial cost is to wider society which is why domestic abuse needs to matter to us all
  • To reflect upon ways that we can address this complex challenge
  • To explore what resources/materials are available to work effectively with victims of abuse


  • What is Domestic Violence? – types of domestic violence, statistics, who is at risk from domestic violence and the impact on children.
  • Components of Domestic Violence – the dynamics of domestic violence, power and control, coercion and threats, intimidation, emotional abuse, isolation, denying and blaming, using children, using privilege and financial abuse.
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Victims – how domestic violence begins, who can be a victim of domestic violence, who perpetrates domestic violence, why victims of abuse don’t come forward, the impact of domestic violence, the impact on mental health and coping mechanisms.
  • Human Stories - a diverse range of individuals telling their stories of survival and success

equality and diversity conference manchester 2018

Who should sign up for the event?

  • This event is suitable for professionals in any industry who have contact with people in abuse situations - children, young people or adults.
  • Anyone at any level of understanding of the complexities of domestic abuse - staff, volunteers or members of the public with a personal interest
  • Men are also welcome to attend especially if they are working with men themselves, or out of personal interest and development


  • Our programmes are ‘practical’. We use a range of delivery tools, DVDs, case studies, discussion/focus groups, activities and PowerPoint Presentations.
  • This enables a variety of facilitation methods to be used which enhances interaction, brings the training to life and allows us to consider individual learning styles and needs.
  • We use Human Books to empower survivors to speak out and have a voice.
  • The experiences of our Human Books will add impact to learning and development, help to raise awareness of domestic abuse
  • Through the Human Books experience, dedication, and passion, we ensure that survivors are listened to, believed, and that responding to their needs is at the heart of everyday practice, policies, procedures and processes.


By the end of the event delegates will:

  • Have increased understanding of the complexities of domestic abuse including its prevalence
  • Have increased knowledge of how to recognise signs of abuse
  • Have increased knowledge of how to recognise common effects
  • Have increased awareness of best support/practice
  • Have had the opportunity to network with a diverse range of professionals
  • Have explored resources/materials available to work effectively with victims of abuse

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