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Racial Equity is Everyone's Business

April 2024 - Delivered via Zoom

For the Equality and Diversity UK 2024 conference, themed "Racial Equity is Everyone's Business," scheduled for April 2024, we will concentrate on fostering intergroup relationships within various sectors, including the NHS, educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities), the criminal justice system, and community-based organisations.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that individuals from ethnically diverse communities are disproportionately represented at every stage of interaction within a plethora of systems. Within sectors, there exists an abundance of data, research, and personal accounts highlighting the presence of racism within NHS, Policing, criminal justice, education etc.

Despite the numerous endeavours to address this inherent flaw in the systems, such as reviews, reports, campaigns, policy adaptations, and various other initiatives, the progress made so far is far is not up to standard. EDUK firmly believes that all organisations providing goods and services, whether statutory or voluntary, must recognise and actively combat systemic, structural, and individual racism to ensure that their services are both accessible to and responsive to the needs of ethnically diverse individuals.

While awareness of these issues exists, the comprehension of and commitment to taking concrete steps in this direction remain limited. In the upcoming conference, we aim to provide a platform for our Human Library Books, who are led by or advocate for ethnically diverse individuals, to share their expertise on the most effective ways to support people and communities experiencing racial inequalities.

We aspire to unite and commit to a future where the provision of goods and services are equitable. It is crucial to recognise that the pursuit of racial equity and justice is the responsibility of everyone. We invite a wide range of sectors to come together, learn, engage in critical discussions, and, most importantly, pledge to prioritise action against racial inequity, direct/indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying moving forward.

Our conference programme will be coproduced by our Human Library Books, offering attendees a wide range of sessions designed to inspire and effect change at individual, organisational, and broader strategic levels.

Further details regarding the speakers and facilitators will be disclosed closer to the event.

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