Equality, Diversity, Citizenship and Inclusion Pack

This teaching and learning resource is packed with guidance and tools to help education providers at all levels design an equality curriculum that inspires and challenges all their learners.

It covers a host of topics that fit in with the PSHE national curriculum and are transferable to use with adult groups and as part of staff development and induction, and includes separate printable card pack.

An equality and diversity induction, icebreakers and learning pack for learner projects

This pack can be used to supplement the programmes of study for Citizenship that are already being delivered in schools/colleges or could be used with adults to raise awareness of equality and diversity. The pack has been developed to be adapted for use in the workplace and other learning environments.

This pack includes information in the form of guidance and advice notes for facilitators and teaching staff. We have included session plans that focus on explaining key issues clearly as well as promoting the benefits of embracing equality and diversity.

The pack provides you with clear, concise learning objectives, practical resources, key word lists, introductory activities, core learning activities and a plenary section. These are accompanied by a selection of flash cards for use in learning sessions.

Session/Equality issue Content

Session 1 – What does it mean?

  • Introductory activity to aid understanding of the language of equality and diversity
  • Introduction to the numerous areas within equality and diversity

Session 2 – Legislation: All

  • Introductory activity to explore protection by law
    • Activity to examine legislation when advertising appointments

Session 3 – Diversity: All

  • Introductory activity to examine the difference between equality and diversity
  • Activity to explore what is required to bring about diversity

Session 4 – Equality: Religion

  • Introductory activity to examine religious awareness
  • Main activity to dispel false perceptions

Session 5 – Discrimination: Gender and sexual orientation

  • Introductory activity to explore the use of legislation
  • Main activity to develop gender awareness

Session 6 – Disability.

  • Introductory activity to examine general perceptions of disability
  • Main activity to investigate types of disability 4

Session 7 – Ethnicity: Race

  • Introductory activity to examine general perceptions of ethnicity
  • Main activity to investigate people from different ethnic groups

Session 8 – Economics: Age and ethnicity

  • Introductory activity to examine economic situations
    Main activity to research employment within different ethnic groups

Further development: All

  • Themes to continue developing

Alongside the session plans are notes to support the facilitator/trainer. These include:

  • a brief outline of the activity
  • suggestions on how to differentiate the activity
  • suggestions for developing the theme.



Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Study Pack: £95.00


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