The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Employers Network

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Equality Diversity and Inclusion Employers Network
The Employers Network is a National Network committed to equality, diversity and social inclusion; supporting organisations to develop awareness, understanding and skills to promote equality and tackle discrimination.

The Employers Network is for:

The Employers Network for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion has been in development since 2015. We now have in place; resources, partners, materials and funding to support the work we do. The Employer Network covers all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace and the working environment. We focus on delivering high quality practical advice, products and services to our members.

We aim to help organisations turn theory into practice. Working with business closely, we understand the real issues faced by employers and the barriers you come across when trying to make change happen.

 What the Employers Network provides for members

Membership of the Employers Network offers members access to hundreds of resources, all available to download from the Network website. Amongst other benefits, members have access to:

 The Network Aims:

 What the Network does

 What's on offer?

A wide range of resources put together to meet the needs of individuals and organisations. The needs will be met through:

Alyson Malach. Director of Equality and Diversity UK
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to find out more about our Director, Alyson Malach


On the EDI Network, there is a large online resource library. All of the resources are free to download. Resources cover all of the Protected Characteristics.

 The Equality Review

The Equality Review is our quarterly publication with news and features about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. It was first launched in October 2010, and was developed to:

  • provide an understanding of current equalities legislation
  • explore good and developing practice
  • explore the some of the long term and underlying causes of disadvantage that need to be addressed by education providers
  • provide practical tools to implement equality into teaching, learning and everyday practice for: employers, education providers (specifically FE and WBL but where relevant including topics that support schools and other providers of teaching, learning and training)
  • research areas of policy, practice and need.
  • commission initiatives in order to gain a better understanding of the latest policy, practice and development.
  • Click here to view the October 2016 issue

 Membership Cost

Membership of the Employers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network is £495 per annum for employers with more than 250 employees

For employers with less than 250 employees, the annual membership cost is £295

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