We have three Post 16 Teaching and Learning Activity Packs

Gender Equality Resources - 12 Activities

Activity 1 Household Duties
Activity 2 Jobs -gender Quiz
Activity 3 Subject Options gender quiz
Activity 4 Who does what in your house?
Activity 5 Gender cards
Activity 6 Gender bingo
Activity 7 Discussion quiz
Activity 8 Who Invented That?
Activity 9 Women in Mathematics
Activity 10 Gender scenarios
Activity 11 Gender communication- quiz
Activity 12 The Glass Ceiling

Gender Equality - 12 activities

Activities, Quizzes, Games and Case studies for embedding Gender Equality into the Curriculum. These entertaining and thought provoking activities give participants the opportunity to experience and/or discuss gender discrimination issues from different viewpoints and consider how gender stereotyping may unwittingly influence subject choice, their career path and the activities they engage in.

This activity pack contains 12 practical tried and tested activities specifically aimed at engaging the 14-19 age group; however they can be easily adapted as required for Adult audiences. All offer the participants powerful insights into the key equality and diversity issues surrounding gender.

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Six Strands of Equality and Diversity - 30 activities

1 Myth Busters - Disability
2 Equality Quiz - All Six Strands
3 Perceptions: F Exercise - All Six Strands
4 Diversity Champion - All Six Strands
5 The Sociogram Exercise - All Six Strands
6 Paradigm of Prejudice & Discrimination - All Six Strands
7 Exploring Definitions - All Six Strands
8 Detailed Quiz - All Six Strands
9 Diversity Bingo - All Six Strands
10 Heterosexuality - Sexual Orientation
11 Life Chances - All Six Strands
12 Stereotypes - Age
13 Case Studies - All Six Strands
14 Stopping Harassment - Age
15 Growing Up and Growing Older - Age
16 Similarities Between Old and Young - Age
17 Balloon Tag - Religion
18 Discussion Statements - Religion
19 The Complexities of Sexual Orientation - Sexual Orientation
20 Drawing Conclusions - Sexual Orientation
21 The Girl With No Name - Gender
22 Social Roles - Gender
23 Female Action Heroes - Gender
24 Where’s My Toy? - Gender
25 Looking at Languages - Race
26 Majority/Minority Relationships - Race
27 ChildLine Counsellors - Race
28 Visually Impaired - Disability
29 Hearing Impaired - Disability
30 Physically Challenged - Disability

Six Strands of Equality and Diversity - 30 activities

Activities for Young People, Adults and Staff development.

The activities in this pack can be used to support any of the following curriculum or subject areas, either in isolation, as a planned programme or equality and diversity learning or in an off-timetable event.

Many are suited to tutorial work as well as whole class or year group activities.

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Building Equality into Everyday Practice - 19 activities

Activity 1 Equality and fairness
Activity 2 Personal profile
Activity 3 What s in a name?
Activity 4 Equalities Bingo
Activity 5 Language and Culture Quiz
Activity 6 Case study- stick and Stones
Activity 7 Race equality quiz
Activity 8 Religion and belief quizzes
Activity 9 Rights and wrongs cards
Activity 10 Negative stereotypes
Activity 11 Communication (BSL)
Activity 12 Definitions
Activity 13 Emotions and feelings
Activity 14 Acceptable language
Activity 15 Race relations quiz
Activity 16 Colour blind
Activity 17 Crayons
Activity 18 Crayon Box
Activity 19 Banter
Quiz Answers

Building Equality into Everyday Practice - 19 Activities

A Resource Pack for Equality Training

These entertaining and thought provoking activities give participants the opportunity to experience life from a different viewpoint and/or discuss issues with those who may have suffered discrimination, unwitting or otherwise, at firsthand.

This activity pack contains 19 practical tried and tested activities specifically aimed at engaging the staff and learners. They offer the participants powerful insights into key equality and diversity issues.

The activities can be used as part of staff induction and training programmes, as well as with learners in the classroom.

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These activity packs contains practical activities designed for teachers and support workers with accompanying guidance notes.

All are ready to use, photocopiable and catalogued in an accessible and user-friendly index.

The activity plans and resources have been designed primarily to support the implementation of equal opportunities into teaching and learning; however, they can be easily adapted to suit any age range. Many of the activities are interchangeable with different resources or alternatively the teacher can use their own.

All activities are positive with a focus on engaging and challenging the learners. The emphasis is to value learners and staff opinions yet encourage them to discuss and challenge their own ideas. The tasks are not to make the participant politically correct , but to encourage them to debate, empathise, educate and thus inform them on equality issues, their importance, how they affect others as well as the moral, legal rights and obligations that we all share.

It is only by challenging participants that attitudes can be changed. The emphasis needs to be on a positive and reflective engagement. Many participants may feel strongly about their opinions, no matter how discriminatory they might be. Many participants may be unwittingly discriminatory, but may not intend any harm. Yet with the use of engaging and entertaining activities the participant will be given the opportunity to experience a different view point and/or discuss issues with those who have suffered discrimination, unwitting or otherwise. Some participants will find challenging their own long held opinions an uncomfortable experience. The teacher/lecturer must not treat such opinions as a threat; the emphasis is on encouraging the participant to change their own views.

By making equality and diversity training both fun and stimulating in a passive non-threatening environment, use of these packs will provide the ideal opportunity for participants to reflect, challenge and hopefully alter their views.

PLEASE NOTE: *Although the information contained in these files was up to date at the time of issue, you are advised to check information on this disk for accuracy and updates; the pack was developed in 2008 and there have been legislative changes since that time.

Since the Equality Act 2010 came into force, we have developed a new pack - Practical Tools for the Delivery of Equality and Diversity which is an updated version of this pack and is for sale on our website

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