The Anti Racism Network

Supporting organisations to be anti-racist and inclusive

Membership of the anti racism Network will ensure that racial equality, diversity and inclusion principles and actions are embedded in all that you do in relation to staff, service users and leaders.

This leadership network will work with senior managers across the institution to provide support and guidance in the development of local racial equality plans and initiatives in pursuance of the institutional Anti-Racism goals.

Equality and Diversity UK will oversee initiatives such as inclusivity in customer services, staff development, working towards establishing racial equality networks and developing metrics and evaluation mechanisms that will assist in tracking progress against your race equality KPIs.

Help with nationality

If you’re not sure about your nationality, try to find out from an official document like a passport or national ID card.

We need to know your nationality so we can work out which elections you’re entitled to vote in. If you can’t provide your nationality, you’ll have to send copies of identity documents through the post.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion Anti Racism Network

 The Network Aims

The network aims to:

  • Bring together staff, management and stakeholders to unite and collaborate.
  • Create solutions for change and will work with network members to implement them.
  • Enable you to do things differently that will create change.
  • Help the company have a real impact on eradicating racial inequalities for your employees and business.
  • Provide free services, insight, opportunities to collaborate and training materials to support the company’s race equality work.

 The Network Objectives

  • A company-wide network of staff/management interested in celebrating and promoting progress and good practice in relation to race equality.
  • Provide opportunities for peer networking, support, coaching and mentoring among ethnically diverse staff.
  • Act as a consultation forum to inform the company's approach to race equality by contributing experience, expertise and ideas.
  • Advise on the assessment of submissions for external awards and equality charter marks.
  • Promote company values in which all members of the company workforce community are able to participate and fulfil their potential regardless of race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin.
  • Promote race equality and equality of opportunity between all staff groups; and also promote the Company Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies, processes, procedures, practices and people development.
  • Celebrate and promote the successes of a diverse range of staff internally and externally, promoting the company as an employer of choice.

 Membership Cost

Annual membership of the Employers Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Network is £295

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