Equality and Diversity Toolkit for Local Authorities

equality and diversity resource for local council

This equalities toolkit has been developed to provide some of the practical tools managers need to embed equality and diversity into the development, design and delivery of local authority and local government services and into the recruitment and employment of staff.

By using the toolkit, managers can ensure that they will:

  • have a good awareness of equalities legislation
  • have a thorough understanding of the local authority’s public sector equality duty (PSED)
  • be able to manage diversity fairly and consistently, whilst creating an environment and workplace culture which is safe, fair, respectful and free from discrimination
  • gain an understanding of the business, moral and legal cases for diversity and be in a position to comply with equality and human rights legislation
  • have the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to manage employees and others to promote equality, tackle discrimination and foster good relationships between diverse groups.

By adopting the toolkit, local authorities will not only be able to raise the profile of equality and diversity in the local community and ensure the needs of diverse communities are better met, but also ensure compliance with the Equality Act and Public Sector Equality Duty and develop best practice in engaging with all people and groups across the community.

It provides information on key equality and diversity areas and how to apply equality and diversity principles within local authority work. The toolkit provides a range of tools and ideas to help develop equality and diversity in policy and practice, ranging from meeting equalities legislation requirements through to self-assessment and community engagement.

What is in the Pack?

The main part of the toolkit Equality in Local Authorities covers the following:

Section Title Content
Section 1 Equality and human rights legislation Refresher and summary of the Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights Act 1998 and how they apply to local authorities
Section 2 Public Sector Equality Duty Refresher and update of the PSED general and specific duties including publishing equality information and equality objectives
Section 3 Equality in service planning Equality Framework for Local Government and equality analysis planning and process
Section 4 Equalities in employment Employer responsibilities regarding discrimination, harassment and victimisation
Section 5 Equality in performance management Embedding equality in managingperformance, managing behaviour and managing flexibility


There are thee further sections; Resources, Activities and an Equality Analysis Template.

In Resources there is a list of equality, diversity and human rights resources to help you find out more about how to promote equality, tackle discrimination and foster good relations between diverse groups.

In Activities you will find a range of activities that can be done by staff to develop a better understanding, awareness and skills in equality and diversity.

At the end of the toolkit, an example of an Equality Analysis template is provided.


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