The Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Network for Schools

The Network draws together a wide range of information about all aspects of equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights and provides its members with the information, expertise and understanding they need to promote equality, tackle discrimination, and to foster good relationships between diverse groups.

It provides a space for developing dialogue, experience, skills, understanding to improve and develop professional equality practice and strengthens the contribution of schools to public policy by sharing expertise and advancing shared views

The Network provides consultancy, advice and support to member schools

Equality Network for Schools

 The Network Aims:

  • To support schools to embed EDI into everyday practice
  • To support schools in developing EDI policies, processes, procedures, practice and promotion of equality
  • To support school staff to keep up to date with equality legislation,
  •  To reduce pupils vulnerability to radicalisation and extremism
  • To support staff to be inclusive in curriculum development which prepares children for society in which they will socialise, live and work
  • To support schools in supporting children to be proud of who they are and to acknowledge and embrace differences and uniqueness
  • To support schools to create a positive school culture where everyone communicates effectively, challenge inequalities and feel confident and competent in delivering on equality, diversity, Inclusion and belonging

 Benefits of Network Membership

Benefits of Network Membership include:

  • Promoting EDI dialogue and collaboration between schools
  • Provide a platform to engage, network, share learning and discuss EDI issues in depth
  • Provide a voice on EDI issues for the sector
  • Provide advice and guidance on EDI
  • Free access to tailored resources developed and published on EDI topics appropriate to your school
  • Discounted and free EDI courses relevant to your needs

 What's on offer?

A wide range of resources put together to meet the needs of individuals and organisations. The needs will be met through:

Alyson Malach. Director of Equality and Diversity UK
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to find out more about our Director, Alyson Malach
  • Subsidised Professional development workshops
  • Providing professional development opportunities for equality practitioners
  • Networking with a wide range of professionals (locally/nationally)
  • Providing an online forum space to support open discussion of equality, diversity and inclusion issues
  • Peer support and practical advice from members
  • Development of an online equality resource Dropbox library
  • Production of toolbox talks, factsheets and briefing notes
  • A voice for practitioners to raise issues and share good and developing practice
  • Developing the understanding, knowledge and skills of professionals and individuals
  • Update on new and existing equality resources
  • Individual and organisational support, advice and guidance


On the EDI Network, there is a large online resource library. All of the resources are free to download. Resources cover all of the Protected Characteristics.

 The Equality Review

The Equality Review is our quarterly publication with news and features about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. It was first launched in October 2010, and was developed to:

equality network for practitioners
  • provide an understanding of current equalities legislation
  • explore good and developing practice
  • explore the some of the long term and underlying causes of disadvantage that need to be addressed by education providers
  • provide practical tools to implement equality into teaching, learning and everyday practice for: employers, education providers (specifically FE and WBL but where relevant including topics that support schools and other providers of teaching, learning and training)
  • research areas of policy, practice and need.
  • commission initiatives in order to gain a better understanding of the latest policy, practice and development.

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 Membership Cost for Schools

Annual membership of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Network for Schools is £95

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