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Flexible Working - A Way Forward

A one day training course designed to raise awareness of your understanding and responsibilities in relation to Flexible Working.

Flexible working can be a huge motivator, increasing productivity and loyalty. An increasing number of staff want more flexibility in the workplace – not only due to child, elderly or other caring responsibilities, but also due to staff preferring a healthier work/life balance.

Course Content

  • Basic introduction to current Flexible Working rights and responsibilities and new coalition government proposed changes
  • Flexible working: working for all and working for business – using sector case studies and best practice to show case and learn from current best practice
  • Practical workshop session on improving Flexible Working policy and practice in your organisation
flexible working training course

This course is available as an In-House Course. We tailor the course to meet your requirements

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There are a number of reasons why managers should consider moving away from more traditional patterns of work and offering flexibility in work patterns:

  • The increasing need to improve efficiency and contain costs.
  • The need to cover a working day that is increasingly outside the traditional 9-5 in line with the demands of customers.
  • The need to recruit and retain the highest quality staff by offering a flexible approach to work as a real employee benefit.

Employers have a statutory duty to consider such requests from parents and carers seriously and according to a set procedure. How are you managing flexible working? If you are a proactive employer and want to get ahead of the game this full day seminar is for you.

Benefits of attending this Course include:

  • Opportunities and challenges of introducing Flexible Working for all and how to use flexibility as a business tool
  • Tailored solutions to get the best working arrangements. There is no one size fits all.
  • How to use Flexible Working to support your organisation in the current public sector fiscal climate?
  • Exploring best practice examples across a range of organisations and sectors to see how it is done already
  • Learning from the experience of inspiring leaders who have embraced flexibility as a business model

Delegates will get the opportunity to examine their own or others Flexible working policies and practices and design new approaches using what they have learnt from the seminar

Key elements of the training will include:

  • Managing remote or home workers and how to move towards measuring performance by results and outcomes and not by hours present in the workplace.
  • Using Flexible Working as a way of reducing costs and overheads and working more efficiently e.g., by remote working.
  • Current flexile working rights and responsibilities
  • New coalition government proposals on right to request for all
  • What’s happening already? Case studies and practice examples to share
  • Different arrangements work for different businesses
  • Key principles to make a success of Flexible Working
  • Step by step guide to introducing a flexible workplace
  • Flexible working quiz
  • Practical workshop on redesigning a Flexible Working policy
  • Signposting and sources of advice and guidance


All our training is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation, so we would go through your specific requirements and develop a course to meet those requirements.

Click here to see our pre-course questionnaire. This will let us know the objectives you have for the training and an idea of any specific areas you want to be covered.

Once we receive this, we will be able to provide you with a course outline tailored to your needs.

How is the course taught?

This is a face-to-face course taught by experienced professionals. It offers a range of methods to help participants develop both skills and knowledge. These include direct formal input, small and large group discussions and exercises and case study material.

For further information, please complete the enquiry form or call us on 0161 763 4783.

We can develop or modify a course specifically to meet your organisation's needs. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us


In House Course

Half Day: £595

Full Day: £895

Courses run via Zoom, recommended maximum 10 delegates per session - up to 15 if required
Face to Face courses: maximum 20 delegates per session

Travel costs are in addition for face to face courses. Please see our Costs and Agreement

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